Our formula is simple:

Real Food + Integrity = Well-Being

Take only the best Real Food Ingredients + Apply culinary and environmental integrity throughout the production and bottling process = Re-invent the world as we know it through health and wellness for families and for our planet.


Real food is exactly that, real food. It is essential food in its purest form as one may have found it before the intervention of the industrial complex. BlissRiver Organics will NEVER compromise our products with added preservatives or processed ingredients.


Indeed we must care for every aspect of ourselves, our families, our communities and our world. At BlissRiver Organics, we see the intimate connectedness that our products have to all things. We understand the “High Cost of Low Price” in our world and strive to create premium products that reflect the ‘actual price’ of our ‘fair life’ ‘free trade’ and sustainable model. Our goal is to apply these high standards through sustainable ingredients, environmental production and bottling process. We are also highly motivated to support our community of San Luis Obispo and the greater world at large through advocacy, education and charity.


Health and vitality can prove to be an elusive rollercoaster ride for all of us. The goal is to find balance. But well-being is so much more than sickness and health, more than a feeling of liveliness and vivacity — it is a lifestyle and attitude. It’s vibrational. Right attitude begets a right body begets well-being. These values manifest in how we feel, communicate, shop, work, consume and view our place in the universe. May we all stagger out of the darkness and claim our own well-being from among the ashes of the industrial complex! We here at BlissRiver are here to do our small part to empower your own personal evolution.